Happy new year people!!! Or is it too late to say that? I just got off the phone with a friend who repeatedly asked what's going on in my head and  on my mind. So I decided to search my head and mind to find out what's up, all I found is that my love... Continue Reading →


It’s almost a new year.

Hello people!!!!! It’s almost Christmas (insert frantic dance steps). It’s that time of the year when I get the most “lets hang out” request and I have zero motivation to go out. I love Christmas, it’s the only time I can stuff my face with food and not get the side eye from my mum.... Continue Reading →

For the first time in my life I was ashamed to be called a woman. It appeared like as a woman I was helpless, defenseless and weak; for the first time in my life I felt weak. That’s not an experience one wants to have.

Growing up my parents were really obsessed with me attending a boarding school.I remember the early years were the hardest for me, I had never been away from my family and I wasn’t really getting along with people. I cried endlessly. Time after time I sent messages to my father claiming to be sick and... Continue Reading →


Holding on and enduring can be a sign of incredible strength and willpower, there are times however when we need to show greater strength by knowing when to let go and letting go. Letting go is moving on. Letting go and walking away means you are making a choice to leave rather than letting the... Continue Reading →


Christianity is hard!!! I remember saying this to myself one day after another one of my many slip ups. When i first decided to live my life actively for Christ everything seemed easy, i was on a spiritual high and there was no messing with me. Then the initial gragra started to wane and i... Continue Reading →

I was bullied in Junior Secondary School by someone I called friend. I had to put her first in everything I did, she took advantage of my really quiet and shy nature. It was an emotional torture. One time she wanted to give her phone to me, she wasn't looking so she dropped the phone... Continue Reading →

I am Sudanese and my wife is Egyptian. We met in 1964, over a dead body. We didn't commit murder together if that's what you are thinking. We were in medical school, she was my partner. I remember how nervous I was about meddling with a real corpse, it was an old man and he... Continue Reading →

This is my sister Isabel, she died in her sleep a few months ago from an accidental gas leak from the heater. At least that's what we tell people happened. The truth is she  committed suicide. She shut the doors, took sleeping pills, gassed up her room and went to bed. She was found a... Continue Reading →

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