Are you single to a stupor? Yet to come to terms with the fact that singleness is your thing? Get in here this post is for you. Okay I kid, there isn’t such a thing as “single to a stupor”.

If you ever ask God why you are still single at least once every week, pray for your own Boaz, do not know who Boaz is; but will like to meet him because he sounds like a nice guy. This post is definitely for you.

The biblical story of Ruth is one that is very insightful and should be read at least once by every woman. This book reflects God’s redeeming love and teaches that God rewards character.

Here we have a widowed young woman, who put the needs of her equally widowed and childless mother-in-law (Naomi) before hers.

Naomi made a decision to go back to Judah her  home country. There was nothing left for her in the land of Moab, she had lost her husband and two sons; and  things had gotten better in Judah. Ruth chose to follow her, leaving her comfort zone and all its familiarity behind.

Dear single ladies sometimes it’s not about us. Serve others take risks.

Ruth was in a lot of pain, she was a young widow with no offspring, instead of sitting and mourning her misfortune she chose to  follow Naomi to a strange land.

After moving to Judah, they came in contact with a wealthy man who was a relative of Naomi’s late husband. The wealthy man was Boaz. Ruth  followed Naomi without the assurance that good ol’ Boaz with his noble character, many servants and vast land was out there.

When we commit to service all manner of unforeseen divine meetings begin to occur.

When Boaz met Ruth, she was working.

 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters Colossians 3:23

She really was working, she was minding her business gleaning the field, providing for herself and her mother- in-law.

Boaz asked his servant “whose young woman is this?” the servant went on to give a full report about who she was, how hardworking she was, what time she showed up for work; what time she rested and how long she rested for. (People will say beyond what they are asked, a good report is important).

At the end of the day’s work , Boaz told Ruth that she could continue to glean from his fields, he added that he had a given orders to the men not to touch her. Ruth asked why he was doing this for her, he told her it was because she had left her homeland to take care of her mother-in-law, Naomi

Boaz wasn’t attracted to Ruth for her beauty, he was impressed by her hard-work and dedication to her mother-in-law.

LADIES!!! what’s our testimony? What do people say about us? When I say people, I mean the most unlikely people. Not Mr Boaz the landowner, but the servants. How do we treat people who “have nothing to offer us”?

Impressing Boaz wouldn’t have been a problem if Ruth had set her mind to it, but impressing her co-workers, grocery attendants, electricians and security guards. To put it in Boaz’s words all the people of the town knew her to be a virtuous woman. Now that’s a feat.

Have a good testimony.

When Ruth started to get compliments and gifts from Boaz it didn’t get into her head, finding favor in his sight didn’t change her. She did not forget her mother-in-law. She listened and took advice.

Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise. Proverbs 19:20

Who are you listening to?

We all need godly, older, more knowledgeable  mentors. God forbid that we ever reach a point where we become unteachable and self reliant.

I’ll encourage everyone to read the book of Ruth, it’s so short you can finish it in one sitting. Everybody in the book from Ruth, to Naomi to Boaz have such amazing character traits that are worthy of emulation.

N.B- Boaz is a perfect example of Christ’s redeeming love. His character depicts the incredible love that Christ possesses for his people, and the great measures he is willing to take to redeem his bride. When Ruth arrived at Boaz’s field she was  empty-handed and humbled to the core, a foreigner with nothing ; Boaz treated her with respect and kindness.

Naomi was so confident in his noble character that she informed Ruth “He would not rest until he has concluded the matter today”. True to her words, he didn’t.  Even though he wasn’t the nearest kinsman to redeem her (as was custom  of Judah that allowed for a male relative of a widow to be her “kinsman redeemer”), he showed a willingness to do so if the nearest kinsman wasn’t interested.

He not only redeemed her, he helped her conceive a son to carry on her late husband’s lineage. A son who went on to be in the lineage of Jesus.


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