It’s almost a new year.

Hello people!!!!!

It’s almost Christmas (insert frantic dance steps). It’s that time of the year when I get the most “lets hang out” request and I have zero motivation to go out.

I love Christmas, it’s the only time I can stuff my face with food and not get the side eye from my mum. We are Christmas people in my household, its food, family, gifts, and gist galore.

The year is almost over too and that’s exciting, really exciting. So it’s time for a recap of the year.

This year was good, slow paced but good. I’m grateful for a lot of things, I learnt a couple of things.

The term slowly but surely took on a new meaning for me this year, I learnt to accept that things happen at their own pace and worrying won’t make any difference (I hear some people call that nonchalance).

I learnt no one is perfect and that given the right circumstances any one of us are capable of sin.

This year I enjoyed being complimented, I said thank you with a smile and moved on. I didn’t scrutinize or question the source, just thank you.

I finally took professional baking classes just to justify wasting my mum’s gas on baking experiments. Turns out baking is my thing (wink).

I still let little things get to me this year. Really Dee, don’t sweat the small stuff because little things don’t matter

I am really grateful for the gift of life and expression, the gift of expression is so underrated.

I learnt that friends can be made in the most unlikely places.

I am super grateful for the new friends I made this year (Hi Tayo🖐🏾), I learnt not to predetermine my lead a.k.a judge a book by its cover or it’s lack of cover.

I have learnt that some friends genuinely want to see you thrive, grow and do good. I’m grateful for these friends.

I fell in love this year, with myself and the little things ( am I not always in love? )

I’m grateful for the opportunity to watch my friends grow and branch out.

Speaking of growth, have you gotten your copy of voices? A collection of poems by Yewande Adebowale one of my super talented friends. If you haven’t this link is for you

Did I already mention how grateful I am for my blog?  I really am. I’m grateful for kindhearted strangers that take out time to read my random musings.

Finally, I’m grateful for the beautiful woman a.k.a my mum who labors over my family’s pot of jollof rice every Christmas.


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  1. Its really an eventful year, started with great surprises and also ending with great surprises, indeed God is faithful, and like you said worrying doesn’t solve any problem. Looking forward to a better 2017. Nice one dear.


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