Growing up my parents were really obsessed with me attending a boarding school.I remember the early years were the hardest for me, I had never been away from my family and I wasn’t really getting along with people.

I cried endlessly.

Time after time I sent messages to my father claiming to be sick and he would rush down to my school which was out of state. He finally told me one day to suck it up and make friends.

I made two friends.

We were pretty close and did everything together, one of us wasn’t so smart so we the “smart ones” used to tutor her.

When it was time for promotional exams we were so scared she was going to fail and not get promoted to the next class.

When the results came out we were not promoted to the next class and she was promoted. The shock.

I remember my mum was so upset she was crying, I was upset too. I didn’t understand what went wrong.

I went to meet teachers and the principal and they all requested that I brought my test scripts which I couldn’t find because nobody keeps test scripts.

The school was basically saying there were some issues with the recording of the test scores for mathematics and if I could produce my original test script it would be rectified.

The most shocking part for me was how nonchalant and unbothered our “promoted” friend was. Turned out she had gone to see the teacher and had her issues rectified without telling us.

She just didn’t care.

I was so mad I wanted to leave the school but my dad wasn’t having it he said he believed I wasn’t a dullard and I could do it over. I repeated the class, wrote my exams kept my scripts this time just in case.

It was mental torture for me I dreaded going back to school and facing people after the holidays.

I was mad at my class teacher for a very long time, she was the brain behind the whole confusion. It was her fault. You don’t mess with people’s lives like that.

Teachers are supposed to be true to what they do, dedicated to help the students not scar them.

I think that was my first major life lesson, I learnt that sometimes things won’t go as planned, sometimes you study well for an exam and life throws you an incompetent teacher who forgets to record test scores. That you’ll fail sometimes not because you didn’t try but because life. That people are people and some friends will stop being that when you fail.





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  1. Woow, reminds me of my WAEC results back in sec school, I studied so hard, knew I would get one of the best results in school, but alas turned out to be kinda d worst, my friends I thought had good grades, I was down, cried but in all I gave thanks to God, n the NECO I was non-chalant about ended up been the result i use till date. God knows best in all, Lessons learnt sometimes are hard to accept. Good one dear. 😊


  2. Hmmmm. Sad reality. I am currently learning how things dont always go according to plan… i just read a Chapter of Ezra.. and the isrealites were building God’s temple…but there was some disruption and for 2 years or so…the building of the house of the Lord was put on hold because of some of the enemies of Isreal who had dissuaded the King.. and i was thinking to myself why God allowed them have their way.( of course God showed up mightily when he did).. I guess its for this reason Bible says God works mysteriously. And well.. i guess same goes for everyday life..some things just happen and we think but i prayed about this.. why would this still happen… i dont know if the answer is …life…. (i know God didnt exactly promise us a smooth ride)… but still….ahh well.. i dont know the answer i guess… (i understand though that most of the time, we go through these things to come out better)… Life is a journey as they say. Guess we just have to enjoy the journey regardless.. (i dont know if my comment is 100% related… i found some relation though..#thinkingoutloud

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