Hello Freedom!!!

Holding on and enduring can be a sign of incredible strength and willpower, there are times however when we need to show greater strength by knowing when to let go and letting go.

Letting go is moving on.

Letting go and walking away means you are making a choice to leave rather than letting the situation control you. The concept of letting go is applicable to everything from romantic relationships, friendships, jobs, living situation to memories.

Letting go is a freeing exercise, it can be likened to shaking off the weights so you can move forward faster.

Most times it’s easier to endure life holding onto things with hopes that the situation will change and get better. It’s important to remember that life is a balance of holding on and letting go.

If you are constantly obsessing over the past, it’s time to drop the baggage and let go.

The past is what it is PAST. No matter the beautiful, perfect, exciting or really bad things that might have happened in the past it’s a waste of time to constantly live in those moments. Let it go. Stop the revenge plots, refusing to live in the present ‘cos you are too busy reliving the good old days.  You know what they say about rear view mirrors, they are there for an occasional glance at what’s happening behind not for full concentration (except of course your car is parked and your cheating lover can only be spotted from that angle, concentrate fully. On a second thought our lovers don’t cheat they are Holy Spirit filled men/women of God. Scratch cheating lover insert food truck, but I digress). The point is, if moving forward is your aim you have no business living in the past.

Enough with the regrets.

“if it’s dead don’t go digging every five minutes to check if it has a pulse. It’s dead. Walk away”. Richard Templar

If it’s constantly making you resentful, let it go.

Life is too short to be living in perpetual resentment. Resentment eats deep into the soul, and staying in situations that make you constantly angry has its long time effects.

Apart from the obvious fact that you’ll age three times faster from permanently having wrinkle lines on your face, resentment stops you from sharing and receiving love and happiness.

It makes you act contrary to Biblical instructions to not let the sun go down on your anger (Ephesians 4; 26a).

Resentment enslaves you. Overtime it becomes the driving force of your life.

Everyone deserves happiness and no one needs to describe you as that person that’s always angry. If it constantly makes you resentful and every other form of making the situation change has failed- let it go.

If someone pressures you to be someone you are not, it’s better to lose them than keep them by pretending to be someone you are not.

It’s not your duty to shatter your identity to fulfill someone else’s fantasies or make them feel better about themselves. If they push you to become better versions of yourself, by all means compromise but if the change is a series of pointless things just to make them feel better or more comfortable around you bye Felicia.

Bottom line is if it is toxic, it’s time to let go.

The word toxic is self-explanatory it’s poisonous, Let go. Toxic situations are harmful to our physical and mental well being, when we do not let go of toxic situations and relationships, it’ll end up killing you. The story of Samson and Delilah from the Bible (Judges 16) is a perfect testament to this. Delilah was a beautiful poison ivy that Samson continually refused to let go of until she finally brought him down. It might take a while, toxins will eventually bring you down.

So Today I’m letting go of my people pleasing attitude

Your turn please, leave a comment about one thing you have to let go of today.


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14 thoughts on “LETTING GO.

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  1. This is a lovely piece, there are lots of things ti let go, though they might be difficult at times but one has to be at ease with oneself to get it right.


  2. Great write up baby! I’ve discovered from experience that when you embrace and hold your relationship with Jesus dear, letting go won’t be so difficult. I’ve had to let go of betrayal and hurt from the past and I can say I feel so much happier and lighter. Unforgiveness and dwelling on mistakes is definitely a burden I believe no one should be carrying around.

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    1. I like that part about holding your relationship with Jesus dear; it’s the absolute truth. When Your relationship with Jesus is a priority, it’s easier to tell some people to carry their bags and go.


  3. Nice write up dear!
    Well my letting go is quite ironical
    I am letting go of not letting go completely of things
    Was told I bring up past offenses so I am letting that go completely. 🙏🏼


  4. Beautifully put.👏👏👏 I have learnt over time that letting go ranks tops as one of the most difficult things to do…especially as a practicing Christian. Letting go of ANGER, HURT, and of course.. the regular..heartbreaks..lol. Especially when your flesh got a list of things u want to do/say about the situation… But God. When you cherish your relationship with the Holyspirit, you have no choice but to lean on him for strength… plus i have learnt that TIME INDEED HEALS ALL.. truly does..


  5. Life is full of happiness, though there many hurdles but it for better when you face it. Shaken off the unnecessary baggages is good for us to move forward. I had once disconnected with friends so I can reshape my life.

    Thanks a lot for the piece, it an insight to a proper channel

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