I am Sudanese and my wife is Egyptian. We met in 1964, over a dead body. We didn't commit murder together if that's what you are thinking. We were in medical school, she was my partner. I remember how nervous I was about meddling with a real corpse, it was an old man and he... Continue Reading →


This is my sister Isabel, she died in her sleep a few months ago from an accidental gas leak from the heater. At least that's what we tell people happened. The truth is she  committed suicide. She shut the doors, took sleeping pills, gassed up her room and went to bed. She was found a... Continue Reading →


Today is the 7th of June 2016. Today in history I was born. Today I did nothing. It's my birthday today and I didn't turn 25. yesterday I found myself repeating it over and over its "24 not 25" (for some reason my brain wanted to skip a year, I had to do the maths... Continue Reading →

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