Poolside Lady.

Good day people, so I am starting a new thing on the blog (insert crazy dance) where i’m basically telling the stories of random people i meet on my earthly voyage.

The world is filled with over 7 billion people, each one unique with a different story to tell. So this is me taking my “How are you” beyond a random question and stopping to listen to their replies about how they really are.


I used to date a guy for a little over two years, we had plans, we used to see 6 times in a week, we went to the movies a lot. We were like a married couple, we used to talk family.

Then he went to the UK for his Masters Degree and everything turned around, all the plans and promises went out the window. He met an Asian girl and they started dating, he took down our pictures on Instagram and put up pictures of the Asian girl.

I asked him why he did that  and he assured me there was nothing, he even came to Nigeria for about 3 weeks without his parents or family members knowing just to assure me we were good.

I thought it was very romantic.

He went back and started misbehaving again, putting her up on his bbm and everywhere. I asked about her again and he said she was just his ATM. That was when I realized there was a problem, i was going to get married to a gigolo why would he call a girl his ATM? I used to think he was very hardworking. So we broke up.

Then last week he went on a very petty and immature social media rant. Talking about my business, trying to sabotage it generally. I decided not to reply him. Trying to bring down my business was the most painful part, knowing how hard i worked to get my business to where it is.  I still  can’t believe i dated and really believed i was going to marry such an immature person.

Those two years I spent in the relationship were not wasted though, i learnt a lot, but if i were to describe him with a movie title, it’ll definitely be “The Devil wears Prada”.


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