Yaay! It’s Wednesday People! what better day to reveal my woman crush. In case you do not know, WCW is an abbreviation for Woman Crush Wednesday.

My woman crush today is Mrs. Deborah Lappidoth, a.k.a Deborah from the Bible. Deborah’s story is in Judges chapters 4 and 5. Please check it out if you haven’t, and if you have, read it again but slowly this time.

So this amazing woman was a Judge, a wife, a prophetess, and a songwriter (she had a lot going on right). She wasn’t like a meddlesome interloper type judge, jumping from home to home settling disputes. She held court under Deborah’s palm (yes, she had a palm named after her), and people came to her for Judgments.

One day she sent for Barak (She commanded the respect of both men and women or how else do you explain her sending for Barak a whole military commander of the northern troops of Israel), and he showed up. She informed Barak that God wanted him to deploy troops up the mount Tabour. Surprisingly Barak insisted that he would only go if she went with him even after God himself had assured him victory. I think this is huge. Understanding the stereotypes about the place of women in our current society, which would have been a thousand times worse in Deborah’s time, a man insisting she went with him to battle only further attests to the fact that she wasn’t your everyday woman.

She went with him, and they won the battle. Accepting to go with Barak shows how firm her conviction and faith in God’s words were, nobody who isn’t sure of winning willingly goes to battle with a commander who is very doubtful of their chance at success. This woman knew who she was and firmly believed in the power behind her words (goals).

The victory came from a woman as she had prophesied. She then wrote a victory song (because turnup is essential). In the song, she went on to share credit for the victory with other key participants in the battle (a good leader does not take all the credit alone).

I love how much of a courageous and walk the talk type leader Deborah was.

Reading the story of Deborah today for some super weird reason makes me feel the need to invest in what God is doing in someone’s life. You know, to not just say I know God is moving your business somewhere but investing in some way. To show that I genuinely trust what God is doing in your life, and I’m not afraid to put my money or time in (the weird ways scripture speaks to me).

That asides Deborah is a wonderful Leader that I think should be a source of inspiration for young women, yes you can be a Mrs, have a career, work for God and sing in your spare time (if singing is your thing).

Her story is also a good reference point for enlightening those who believe “the Lord only called the woman to be mute, do the dishes, wash the baby, and be a wife.” No, He didn’t.

Shout out to Mr. Lappidoth for not feeling emasculated and letting her rise to her full potentials.

P.S The old testament isn’t as boring as you think.



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  1. My WCW is Zipporah, tge wife of Moses. When Moses’s sons weren’t circumcised and she cut their foreskins off, I know it makes me seem mean, but I love reading that story.


  2. Thankyou for making me love this woman Deborah more. God bless you and your works. Indeed you can be whatever you want to be through Jesus Christ . With faith in God you can conque, you can be better. God bless you . Much love ❤❤


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