Today, I didn't finish everything I set out to do Today, I did things I didn't set out to do Today, I am not whining about the things I am yet to do Today, I am grateful for the things I got to do.



Paddle your canoe is a slang I learned in boarding school, it means to mind your business. In my head, the concept of minding your business by paddling your own canoe always creates a vivid image of a person frantically trying to paddle another person's canoe while sitting in theirs. Although, I do not know the history... Continue Reading →


Liebster Award! Liebster Award! Yaay so I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Mema Ojukwu of Uplift Girl blog. I had the privilege of being roommates with Mema in my first year in the University, she's a super talented person and I remember thinking why the hell is this badass artist studying this boring law with us.... Continue Reading →


  Last week was a blur, I was all over the place. I had a lot of "present but not mindful" moments, I had a lot to do with such little time.  There were a few moments of questioning my priorities, loyalty and asking whether I was crossing the thin line between self-love and selfish.... Continue Reading →


Again "given the right circumstances any of us are capable of any sin". The flesh is a really powerful thing, and when we do not solely rely on God and acknowledge that outside of Him no amount of personal will power and good intentions can save us; we are setting ourselves up to fail.

Leave Your Chains: Paul and Silas’ Hidden Jailhouse Message

This couldn’t have been written any better.

Out of the Throne Room

I was in prayer the other day, thanking God for delivering me from a host of strongholds, habits, desires and the like that I had at one time or another in life been bound by. I was thinking, “Man! Some of those things took forever for me to be delivered from.” It wasn’t too long after that thought entered my head that the Lord began to bring the story of Paul and Silas in the Philippian jail to my remembrance. (Acts 16:22-30)

As the well known story goes, after being thrown in jail, Paul and Silas began to sing praises to God and suddenly the ground began to violently shake to the point, the Bible says, that the very foundation of the prison was shaken. The doors flung open, the chains were loosed, and the prisoners were free…or were they?!

Before y’all start screaming, “Heretic!!!” and throwing stones…

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Early this evening, I started having a headache; a headache I had no business having. Up until this morning I was very confident and happy, everything was going well. Yet somehow by evening, I lay in my sister- in- love's arms crying feeling inadequate, insufficient and not enough. I had just begun successfully convincing myself... Continue Reading →


Are there people in this day and age, who get a product and take time out to read the manual before attempting to use it? Well if there are, I'm definitely not one of them. Yes, I usually start with trying to figure out how it works *because smarty pants* and when I get stuck I check the internet *honestly I'd rather someone pointed out the exact solution to me than read through a manual*, if that doesn't work I check my manual.


You see, I'm afraid my creepy neighbor is lurking somewhere in the dark waiting for the perfect opportunity to start a conversation. Conversations are good, involuntary 2 am conversations aren't.

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